Victim Releases Video of Burna Boy Shooting In Cubana Nightclub

The story of Burna Boy’s alleged shooting in Cubana nightclub has been supported by a video showing the artist and his gang.

The married woman whose husband was shot in the head by Burna Boy’s escorts has finally come up to speak, and she has armed herself with videos in her arsenal.

The lady who has been identified as Steph Briella, took to her Insta story today to tell her side of the story. Despite, her tell-all, rumors are making the rounds that she had gone up to the singer for a selfie before the fight.

According to the story from an alleged eyewitness, the lady had gone to Burna Boy on his side of the VIP section for a selfie. Her husband came calling rudely and this led to the fight.

Burna boy shooting

In her defense, Briella shared a video showing Burna boy sitting some distance away from her section. From the video, Burna Boy and his team were seen right opposite Briella and her celebrating friends in the VIP section.

Briella also argued that no one from her section had gone up to Burna Boy before the shooting.

Watch the video below:

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