UK Court Rules Senator Ekweremadu Kidney Donor 21 Not 15

The kidney donor David Ukpo for the Ekweremadu family has been ruled by the UK court to be 21 and not 15 years old.

This was disclosed today 7th of July at the court hearing in the United Kingdom. According to the Westminster Magistrates Court, the alleged donor for Senator Ekweremadu’s daughter was not underage as previously claimed.

Recall that Ekweremadu and his wife were arrested and brought before the Uxbridge Magistrates Court on the 23rd of June over the alleged exploitation of a minor in the UK. According to the reports, the Ekweremadus had brought a Nigerian minor into the UK for the sole purpose of harvesting his organs.

The victim identified as David Ukpo had claimed he was 15 years old while the defendants had insisted he was 21. The case was adjourned to the 7th of July and the Ekweremadus had written to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to provide David’s information.

Ekweremadu Kidney Donor 21 Not 15

At the court hearing today, David Ukpo admitted he was 21 years old and not 15 as earlier claimed. He also disclosed that he had been in the UK since February and only reported to the authorities in May.

The counsel for the defendants has also denied the exploitation allegations made by the victim.

The case has been adjourned to the 4th of August. However, the Senator and his wife will remain in custody until the next hearing.

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