Twitter Counselor Advices Women To Act Dumb To Their Husbands

A Twitter marriage and relationship counselor has advised women to act dumb when with their husbands.

According to the counselor, most men want to feel smarter than their wives in the family.

In a recent tweet by @Jon_d_doe, he advised women to always act dumb to their husbands but smart with their kids and the public.

John Doe pointed out that there would be no peace in the family if the man begins to feel like his wife is smarter or on the same level as him.

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His tweet read, “As a wife, if you don’t deliberately act “dumb” to your husband, you may have problems in your marriage.But he will love it when you show your smartness in the public & to your kids.Learn these things, he wouldn’t have married you if he thought you were “smarter”. End”

This has stirred reactions from netizens who shared their opinions on the subject. Many agreed with John Doe and contributed with some claiming that the husband would begin to see his wife as a fellow man or an elder sister.

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