TikTok To Launch Avatars To Rival Snapchat’s Bitmoji And Apple’s Memoji

TikTok is introducing a new feature that allows users to create their own animated avatars similar to Apple’s Memoji, Snapchat’s Bitmoji, and Meta’s Avatars.

The function is available through the app’s camera, along with TikTok’s other effects, and is rolling out globally today. To use the function on yourself, launch the app, switch to selfie mode, press effects, and choose the avatar effect.

TikTok To Launch Avatars

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After that, you have the option of using a preset look or creating a custom avatar by selecting “new.”

This allows you to change the face shape, skin tone, haircut, and accessories, such as makeup and piercings, of your avatar.

The avatar will then follow your motions and facial expressions in a video that you can film.

TikTok claims it wants to make the feature as inclusive as possible, and that it will continue to “develop and innovate to ensure the experience is really representative of all who are on TikTok.”

The feature was first announced earlier this year.

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