“Tekno Needs To Pay Child Support For His Baby”- Zambian Lady Cries Out

A Zambian woman identified as Rita Mwayanda has called out Nigerian artist, Tekno, whose music she claimed got her pregnant. 

Rita claimed that when the artist released his hit song ‘Pana’, she was so excited and it eventually led to her sleeping with a man, which subsequently resulted to a pregnancy. She went on to demand for child support from the Nigerian singer.

The report re-shared by Zambian entertainer, DJ C-Money read; 

“TEKNO needs to pay Child support for his baby. I cant suffer because of him”- Zambian Woman Cries out.

A Lady from Zambia, ‘Rita Mwayanda’ took it out in public to express how Nigerian musician , Tekno is the reason she has a child, and suffering.

“It was back in 2016”- She explained. “I loved Tekno’s music so much. I would go out to a club just to listen to any song by Tekno. During the month he released ‘Pana’ I got so excited that I slept with a man I didnt know and ended up pregnant. If It was not for Tekno I wouldn’t have this child so he needs to pay for child support”

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