Sabinus Issues 1 Billion Lawsuit Against Peak Milk And Gala

Popular comedian Mr. Sabinus has issued a case against Peak Milk and Gala companies over the use of his intellectual property without his consent.

According to the case shared by Mr. Sabinus’s legal team on Instagram, the Peak Milk company used the trademarked phrase “Something hooge” in an advertisement post without the legal consent of the rightful owner, Mr. Sabinus.

This has forced Mr. Sabinus and his legal team to sue the company, demanding a settlement of 1 billion naira for the trademarked phrase.

The case built against Gala Sausage Roll Company was also in line with the use of Mr. Sabinus’s intellectual property for an advertisement placement without his consent. Gala had reportedly used an image of Mr Sabinus in an advert placement on the company’s official page, without the consent of Mr. Sabinus. The legal team for the comedian has demanded a settlement of 100 million naira from Gala.

This infringing advert post by Peak Milk was shared on the company’s official social media page on the 24th of May. While Gala used the image of Mr Sabinus for an advert on the 23rd of May.

This forced a case to be issued against both companies by Sabinus’s legal team on the 29th of May.

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