“Post a Picture of You and Apostle Suleman for $10000” – Deji Adeyanju

Nigerian Activist, Deji Adeyanju, has dared Stephanie Otobo to post a picture of herself and Apostle Suleman for a prize of Ten Thousand Dollars.

Apostle Suleman has been trending on the media since 9th of May over allegations by Canada-based Nigerian Singer Stephanie Otobo. Stephanie Otobo released lewd pictures of the Apostle and claimed that he tried to silence her after going public with their illicit relationship.

While the Apostle has yet to make a statement on the accusations, Deji Adeyanju has taken it upon himself to force the hands of the supposed victim, Stephanie Otobo. He took to his Twitter page on Monday 9th of May to sympathize with Apostle Suleman over the recent scandal, and advised many married men not to engage with ‘side chicks’.

Deji, who is also a former Head of News Media for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), also took it upon himself to demand further proof of the illicit affair from Stephanie. He dared Stephanie Otobo to upload a picture or video of herself with the Apostle for a huge prize of $10,000. In his opinion, the Apostle could not have had sex with Stephanie like she claimed, unless they had met each other.

The Activist shared this on his Twitter page. See tweet below :

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