Pastor Kumuyi Says Women Covering Their Hair In Church Makes Them Unattractive

Pastor Kumuyi, the founder of the Deeper Life Bible Church, has admonished his female church members against always covering their hair in church and forcing others to do so.

According to the Man of God who quoted 1 Corinthians 11v5, covering of hair by women is only advised in the Bible while ‘praying and prophesying’.

The clergyman addressed this during a recent sermon in church. Pastor Kumuyi chided his ushers and other church members for forcing new members to cover their hair when coming to church.

The Pastor went on to state that this action may scare people away from the church and the newcomers may never return after facing such embarrassment in the church.

“Somebody is coming to our church for the first time. And she happens to be a lady not covering her head. We ask the person to cover her head before coming in.

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We don’t know whether the person does not even know God. We confront her out there before she even enters the church. We don’t know if she is born again or not. We don’t know whether she does not know how to pray or prophesy and we say stay there by the door. We delay her there and we say you must cover your head. Every woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head.

And there are people who will not even allow those ladies to get saved, for those ladies to understand the word of God and those ladies do not know how to pray, they are not prophesing. But we impose rules on her that she must have this ”scarf” now.

If I were the person, I would wonder what kind of church is this? If they treat me like a primary school girl, that will be my last time coming to the church.”

Pastor Kumuyi on covering of hair

Pastor Kumuyi also called out church members who always cover their hair every hour of the day. According to the clergyman, most married women who do this have become unattractive to their husbands, and the single sisters will find it difficult to get a husband because they are not presentable.

“There are some women who are not attractive to their husbands. Some believe since they are married they are no longer obligated to look good before their husband. There are single sisters that are not presentable. ”

If I don’t tell you maybe nobody will tell you. There are some wives who dress shabbily and are no longer attractive to the man. There are some single sisters that are not presentable. Anybody who is looking for the will of God may not be attracted to them.”

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