Nigerian Pastor Advises Christians To Pay More Than 10% in Tithes

A Nigerian Pastor has got the online community talking after he advised Christians to pay more than 10% of their earnings in tithes.

According to him, the economy is hard and things are more expensive.

The Pastor identified as Gospel Agochukwu shared this on his Facebook page on the 16th of July and it has since sparked reactions from many.

“Economy is bad. Everything has gone up. Stop giving God 10%. I give 70% you can take your own decisions pls. But just increase in your kingdom investment things are on the high side.”

Pastor Gospel Agochukwu

This has stirred reactions as many claim the Pastor was being too business-minded rather than religious.

See some comments:

@Zinny Cubana: JESUS INDEED NO business pass church business… As everything is getting high instead of u to advise people to save their tithes to feed well first. Anyways some gullible members will still starve to please pastor that is driving big big cars while they trek to church. All this nonsense won’t matter in heaven sha.”

Emydon Emeka : “Man of God pls don’t change the scripture oo, so God have said it nd it’s final, weather economy is high or low, God’s own is ten percent, so sir let leave for God nd no body should change it.”

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