Ovwiroro EstherThere is a multitude of exciting creative work being produced on the African continent at the moment and we’re noticing more and more international creative minds looking to Africa for inspiration. Such creative work can be seen done by young Nigerian Ovwiroro Esther Rukevwe who shows her creativity as an art maker and make earnings from what she loves doing. Following a chat with Esther, DRACKINFO MEDIA got to find out some really exciting facts about this young Nigerian and her love for arts.

Drackinfo: Let’s meet you (everything about you that you can tell us)

Esther: My name is Ovwiroro Esther Rukevwe. I’m a student of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, currently in my fourth year studying Surveying and Geoinformatics. I am a makeup artist, a crochet designer and a painter.

Drackinfo: How did the idea for your business (es) come about?

Esther:  Most young ladies love makeup they want to look prettier. I loved the idea of makeup.. The art of it, I loved the fact that it was creative and you can get a good amount of money from it so I was like why not learn professionally. That was how I started makeup artistry.

Crochet: As a child I learnt how to crochet. Back then we called it knitting but that is actually the wrong name. Back then we did it for fun. Recently I saw a new trend, ladies where being really creative with crocheting. I loved the idea of it, I love being creative and I also wanted to make money of my skill so I decided to create and make money at the same time.

Drackinfo: What was your driving force to become an entrepreneur?

Esther:  As a youth in this generation having only your school certificate doesn’t guarantee you getting a job. It’s advisable to have a skill. I have a vision to be an extraordinary person and to live a comfortable life while attending to the needs of the society and making really good money. That is what drives me.

Drackinfo: How did you come up with the name for your business?

Esther: I actually got help from my dad for my makeup business name. It is literally my initials and a word added to it R.E.O and looks REOLOOKS. For my crochet business, I also got help from my boyfriend we still took my initials. For my art I decided to go with just my name and my dad’s name. Esther Daniels.

Drackinfo: How do you generate ideas for your business?

Esther: This is a broad question. There are so many ways I do this. The biggest source of inspiration comes from the internet. I see one or two makeover and an idea comes to my head like “oh why don’t I try this ” or “use this instead of this “. Some other times ideas come from things happening around me.

Drackinfo: Do you believe there’s some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Esther: Yes I do. I believe in hard work and smart work. Some people might do only hard work whiles some only smart work. I believe the formula is to have the combination of both on your own terms.

Drackinfo: What makes you different from your competitors?

Esther: My individual unique personality and how I go about my work. That alone makes me different from my competitors. When I’m learning I don’t just touch the surface of a research I dig deep in and gather knowledge from every corner with the aim of giving the best.

Drackinfo: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Esther: I get to make my own money and not depend fully on my parents. I create things people love. I make people happy. I meet different kind of people and interact with them. In some cases I get to travel to new places.

Drackinfo: What has been the most satisfying moment in business?

Esther: Cashing out after rendering a good service and your customer is happy. That is a really satisfying Moment.

Drackinfo: What advice would you give youths out there looking to start up a business?

Esther: My advice would be just start already. There really is no perfect time. You will only procrastinate till you lose interest completely. Also be true to yourself and your clients do not be dubious. Be welcoming, nobody wants to do business with someone stern but at the same time be firm because people enjoy riding on other people.  Do not be mediocre, stand out, put in that extra work and make sure you really enjoy what you’re doing.

“Empower, inspire, embrace and be true” are the words with which women seeking to change the world want to surround themselves with. With ladies like Miss OVWIRORO ESTHER out there in the World, it goes without the saying that this is the era for women.

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