OnlyFans Model Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Time With Kanye West

Even though Kanye West is a devout Christian, he appears to be captivated by the attraction of sensual pleasures.

Sofia Franklyn, a former Barstool Sports writer, and well-known content creator, invited OnlyFans model Aliza for the latest episode of her Sofia with a F podcast on Wednesday (June 15). The women had a fascinating conversation regarding Ye and Future, as well as an alleged nude studio session, during the interview.

Aliza began by recounting how the encounter came about as a consequence of a chance meeting with the Donda lyricist in Florida.

“That night, I met him >[Kanye West], got his number, and he headed back to L.A. “However, the following time he came to Miami, he said, ‘Come over to Future’s place, we’re in the studio,'” she explained.

She went on to say that she was duped into becoming an amateur stripper during the session, rather than getting to see the two rap stars in their element as she had intended.

“So I pull up there because I’m like, ‘They’re in the studio,’ and I want to witness him make music and show him my songs, so I pull up there, it’s at Future’s place.” And all he wants me to do is come into the studio naked and twerk in front of him and all his pals.”

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Sofia Franklyn, who appeared to be taken aback by Aliza’s assertions, pressured her guest to clarify her remark and confirm whether or not she was requested to derobe right away when she arrived at the session. “He simply said, ‘Get naked,’ and I was like, ‘Okay,'” she explained.

In an attempt to clarify the matter, Aliza appeared to reveal the session took place this year by claiming it was part of Kanye West’s DONDA 2 recording sessions.

While the story Aliza told in the video is unsubstantiated, Future and Kanye West have both been known to enjoy the company of gorgeous women. Hendrix claimed in February that he spent $3 million entertaining female pals while promoting his new I NEVER LIKED YOU record.

Last year, Kanye was the subject of a viral TikTok video in which a lady from Los Angeles recounted how she received a $15,000 tip from Ye for simply listening to him out as he attended a strip club.

See the interview session below:

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