Married Woman Finally Speaks on Burna Boy Shooting in Nightclub

The married woman whose husband was allegedly shot by Burna Boy in Cubana nightclub over her refusal to meet the singer has finally spoken up.

Burna boy trended two weeks ago after his police escorts allegedly shot and wounded two persons in Cubana nightclub on the 8th of June. According to reports, Burna Boy’s escorts opened fire after a married woman turned down the singer’s request to join him at the VIP section.

The lady who has now been identified as Steph Briella, took to her Instagram page today to share her side of the story. According to Briella, it took this long for her to speak up because the event had left her traumatized.

Briella started by explaining how she returned to the country with her husband to attend her best friend’s wedding ceremony. According to the lady, they had moved to Cubana nightclub around 3 am to celebrate the newlyweds.

About 20 of them were celebrating in the VIP section when Burna Boy and his friends walked in. Shortly after, one of the singer’s friends approached her, asking her to meet Burna Boy. The lady refused and after the third attempt, a fight broke out between her friends and Burna Boy’s team.

Burna Boy shooting in nightclub

“On that first attempt, I told him I wasn’t interested in talking to Burna Boy and I am married to my partner. He came again the second time and was met with the same response.

“He came the third time and that caused a few of our friends to flare up as they asked why he kept coming to disturb me. There were words back and forth and one of Burna Boy’s friends attacked one of our friends, and as they attacked him, the situation degenerated into a fight.”

She further noted that the club security intervened and normalcy was slowly being achieved when Burna Boy’s friends started another fight. The shooting began at this point and people were scrambling for safety.

The lady also mentioned that she was assaulted during the fight by one of the singer’s friends who lifted and threw her on the floor.

“At this point, I couldn’t find my partner or my best friend. I was screaming for help after being lifted and thrown so hard on the floor by one of Burna’s friends and I hurt my left shoulder,”

According to Briella, the shootings occurred at two different times and while people were rushing out to safety, Burna Boy was laughing as he got into his car. At this time, her husband’s head was already bleeding profusely and her friend had been shot in the thigh.

“They were out to kill and didn’t care who got hit. My partner’s head was bleeding profusely and his friend lost so much blood he needed a donor As soon as he got to the hospital.

The club reportedly reached out to her 4 days after the incident, however, nothing has been done since and Cubana club has returned to business as usual.

The lady called out Burna Boy for his lack of remorse and demanded that the CCTV footage from the nightclub be presented before the appropriate authorities.

“@obi_cubana only reached out to us four days after the event claiming he had no idea and would do everything to get us justice for attempted murder.

“11 days later, there has been no CCTV footage released by the club OR even a statement to address the incident publicly. Business has carried on as usual for him

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