Lai Mohammed Gives Reason Why China Stopped Giving Nigeria Loans

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has given a reason why the Chinese government has stopped giving Nigeria loans facility.

Speaking with news outlet DailyTrust on Monday, February 21, Lai Mohammed said repeated reports claiming the Nigerian government will soon go bankrupt made the Chinese government stop giving the Federal government loans.

”When we started, we found the Chinese government more willing and their terms were much more acceptable and the speed with which the loans were completed and the speed with which we started working.”

“Unfortunately, along the line, I can remember the Minister of Transportation complaining that the entire world takes its cue from what Nigerians say about their government. The issue of reports that the government will soon go bankrupt, I think made them stop. Yes, we’re not getting the loans again as we would have wanted.” The minister said.

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