Kim Kardashian On Sports Betting Site For Her Next Boyfriend

Kim Kardashian has been trending on sports betting sites as people place bets on who her next partner will be after Pete Davidson.

So far Van Jones, Ray J, and Nick Cannon have been topping the list of possible partners.

Recall that Kim broke up with her boyfriend Pete Davidson on the 5th of August after dating for 9 months.

Kim’s ex-husband Kanye had taken to his Instagram page to celebrate their breakup by declaring “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28”.

Kim and Pete are yet to give an official statement on their breakup but insiders have disclosed that the relationship ended due to long distance and their age difference. Kim is 41 while Pete is 28.

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While Pete Davidson has been said to be undergoing therapy for Kanye’s online harassment, people have been betting against Kim Kardashian’s next beau.

Kim Kardashian on betting sites after Pete Davidson

A list of 20 possible partners has been circulating. Ranked from most to least likely, the top five men are CNN commentator, Van Jones; Kim’s former fling, Ray J; father of eight, Nick Cannon; singer and actor, Jamie Foxx; and Captain America actor, Chris Evans. Amongst these men is also her ex-husband, Kanye West.

Other prospective partners on the list include Elon Musk, Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, Eminem, and others.

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