Instagram Disables Kelly Bhadie’s Account

Instagram has disabled Kelly Bhadie’s account which had over 400 thousand followers.

Kelly Bhadie, beautiful Togolese lady who has been trending on the media, has had her IG account disabled. Kelly rose to fame after her twerk Video on TikTok went viral. Her followers doubled and grew by thousands in a matter of days.

The dancer who reportedly has the main Instagram account, @slayy.kellyy, has gotten the account disabled for reasons unknown.

Many in the media argue that the account was disabled following reports from jealous girls who do not have Kelly’s curvaceous figure and cannot twerk like her.

Kelly Bhadie Instagram account

@pepperblog9ja: omo she would be going through so much right now😢

@gylliananthonette: it’s okay to not like her, what’s not okay is to make her feel this hurt

@user__rex: we go still follow her new account 😂❤

@trulyafrojay: Women have power. Know this and know peace! Kupe Boys reach them even invite then come naija. Small Kelly wey men dey take hold body(not me sha). Nigerian girls show una say women true true dey run this world😂😂😂

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