Actress Halima Abubakah Reveals Affair With Apostle Suleman Gave Her Unknown Disease

Popular Nollywood Actress Halima Abubakah has confirmed that she had an affair with Apostle Suleman and developed an unknown disease afterward.

This was first revealed by popular IG blog Gistlover who claimed earlier in 2020 that the actress was neither pregnant nor had a baby. According to the blogger, Halima had an unknown disease that made her belly protrude.

Halima had debunked these claims and shared pictures of her alleged baby at the time.

Later reports revealed that the baby pictures she shared were nothing but a cover-up of her disease.

Gistlover has accused Halima of having an affair with Apostle Suleman for two years in which she was getting benefits and sponsorships from the clergyman. The blogger has supported the claims with videos and screenshots of the private chat between Gistlover and Halima.

According to the shared messages and videos, the Nollywood actress had confirmed that she had been sick since her affair with the clergyman. She also disclosed that she has spent millions trying to find a solution to her problems.

Halima Abubakah

The post by Gistlover read in part : “According to her , after knacking Suleman for close to two years and he was sponsoring her big time, bought house for her and all, she woke up one morning and she started having that pain , that was where her woes began , she was carried everywhere and they all pointed at just one powerful person , according to them , even since the sickness started Apostle suleman stopped giving her money completely, before we know what’s going on , she started having protruding belle, the belle grew so big that it looked so much like a pregnant woman.”

She was taken to different hospitals and did test for fibroid but nothing was seen , after a while the tummy opened and a lot of things started coming out of the tummy, then the tummy started reducing , it was in that process she announced to the world that she gave birth and had to pay for a baby just so people won’t question her,few months after the baby saga the stomach started growing again , it goes on and off now , this is a man of God.”

Barely hours after the messages leaked on Instagram by Gistlover, Halima Abubakah took to her Instastory to warn anyone who threatened to bully her following the recent revelations. The actress threatened to disclose more secrets on the media.

“None of you idiots scare me..None of you..none none Dm rubbish and I will post it”

Halima Abubakah Reveals

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