Nigerian Actor Godwin Maduagu Comes Out As Gay After Denying S£X Tape

Nollywood Actor, Godwin Maduagu, has publicly come out as a homos£xual a year after denying being in a leaked gay s£x tape.

According to the actor, he is living his truth by finally coming out and embracing his s£xuality.

A s£x tape showing the face of the actor and that of his alleged partner surfaced online in January 2021. However, the actor denied being the one in the video, claiming it was the work of Photoshop.

Maduagu denied the video during a questions and answers session on his Instagram page.

When asked about his face being in the video by a follower, the actor replied, “We are in the 24th century, so anything can happen technologically”

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In a recent video shared by the actor on TikTok, he has finally embraced his s£xuality and admitted to being the one in the leaked tape.

Actor Godwin Maduagu Comes Out As Gay

Godwin Maduagu explained that he went through depression when the video was leaked and almost committed suicide multiple times saved by the support and encouragement from his family.

The actor went on to express how much relief he felt from finally being himself after two years of denial.

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