Former Hollyoaks Star, Abi Phillips Has Been Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

Abi Phillips, a 28-year-old Hollyoaks star, has revealed her thyroid cancer diagnosis. The actress and singer announced the news to her followers on Instagram.

According to her, she was previously sent away from the doctors after she found two lumps on her neck and they passed it off and said she was young and it wouldn’t be anything serious and she was either fighting something off or getting over a cold.

The actress added that she would not have gone to see a specialist if she had not seen a social media post from a former contestant on the reality TV show “Love Island”, Demo Jones, who was previously diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. “Her lumps were in the same place as mine”, She said.

She said she was told she would need surgery and radiotherapy and she never thought she would have been told she had cancer at this age.

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