Female Presidential Aspirant Receives Free ADC Form

A female presidential aspirant, Dr. Ify George Oforkansi, has been given a free expression of interest and nomination form by the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

The ADC awarded Dr. Ify George the form in an attempt to encourage more women to participate in politics. The form was given to her after she declared interest to run for the Presidential seat in Abuja.

Dr. Ify George Oforkansi has built a rather steady campaign and has promised to emerge victorious in the coming elections. She has promised to make provisions for jobs and fix the economy, should she be voted in as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In her statement she said, “A woman, Flora Shaw formed this country, if she should be revived from the grave to see the present condition where her children are dying of hunger, killed and destroyed, various kinds of agitation and what have you, she will surely weep uncontrollable. Only a woman can set this nation on a good course before it is too late.”

“I am on a rescue mission, a mission to rebirth Nigeria. The land has drunk enough blood. Only a woman can revive this nation since men have failed to tackle her fundamental problems over the years. We cannot remain fugitives in our own blessed country.”

The ADC Chairman, Senator Patricia Akwashiki, has also stated that the price of N100m placed on the expression of interest and nominations form by the APC is rather outrageous. She further demands an inquiry to be made into the source of the N100m being paid for the APC form.

According to the ADC Chairman, “Our forms are not expensive not because we don’t like money but because we want quality people. Today people can’t afford education, power and petrol. Even the food is nowhere to be found. Our people are suffering. Yet we have cabinet members buying forms for N100m.

“Where are they getting the money from. Nigerians should ask this question, they should demand explanations over such display of insensitivity.”

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