EU Discloses Plan To End Dependence On Russian Fossil Fuels

The European Union (EU) has revealed its plan for how Europe can end its dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027, and use the pivot away from Moscow to quicken its shift to green energy.

The plan, named REPowerEU, is its response to the hardships and global energy market disturbances prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and includes a switch to importing more non-Russian gas, a faster rollout of renewable energy, and more effort to save energy.

The EU has already made some progress phasing out Russian fossil fuels, according to von der Leyen.

The EU says that it has been working with international partners to modify supplies for several months, and has secured record levels of LNG imports and higher pipeline gas deliveries.

As part of the plan, a newly created EU Energy Platform, supported by regional task forces, will enable voluntary common purchases of gas, LNG, and hydrogen by pooling demand, optimizing infrastructure use, and establishing outreach to suppliers.

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