Drama as Pastor Sends Bridal Train Out During Wedding In Edo State

A pastor in Edo State stirred up mixed reactions after reportedly sending out the bridal train at a wedding ceremony for reasons of indecent dressing.

The incident was reported to have taken place at a church in Ekpoma, Edo State. A video of the event made public on @instablog9ja has since gone viral on the internet and many have not failed to express their opinions on the matter.

The unidentified pastor proceeds in the video to chastise all who would dress indecently in the house of God and reiterates that such people would be sent out regardless of the occasion.

It was discovered that the perpetrators were members of the bridal train and the pastor took to the altar to declare the wedding ceremony would not hold until all indecent dressing was eliminated from the house of God.

The Pastor’s statement as captured in the video read: “…dress decently. Since they have flouted that order, we have no option than to order them out” “You know yourselves. If I should come down, it will be hot on you”

Several reactions by the online community have since been recorded and while many agree with the actions of the pastor, others argue that his actions were extreme and unnecessary.

There were comments like:

joelilyofficial : “Nawaooo ooo Hmmm Pastors be doing too much”

sandypreneur : “One of the many reasons why church service dey always empty đŸ˜’”

prettykwin22 : “when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. Its a church not a club house”

ibitoyeolanike23: “Can they dress like this to mosque? Christianity allow us to be free but some of us are abusing it”

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