Davido’s Sister Reveals Why She Works Despite Having a Wealthy Father

Singer Davido’s sister, Sharon Adeleke-Ademefun, has revealed that she still works despite being born to a rich family.

The entrepreneur shared this in a recent Instagram video.

Sharon is Davido’s elder sister and the mother of three has revealed that she works just as hard despite being born to the Adeleke family.

In the video shared on Instagram, the entrepreneur revealed that she believes her father’s wealth is not hers.

The mother of three also shared how she attended school with wealthy British children and how this helped mold her perspective of her father’s wealth.

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Davido’s sister Sharon Adeleke-Ademefun

“…so I went to school, I have a BSc, I have a Masters degree, and I have a brain, but I shouldn’t do anything because my father is wealthy?”

“I went to school with British people primarily and I would go to school with Royal officials kids, ambassadors children, and one thing was always common amongst all of them. They would never say they were rich. They would be like ‘I’m not rich, my father’s rich’, and honestly I really adopted that mindset”

“I’m so grateful that my dad spoils me to bits. But I also understand that these are gifts and I need to use these gifts well and manage my money well so that I too can provide for my children”.

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