Chris Rock Stops Fan From Cursing Will Smith During His Show

Comedian Chris Rock stopped a fan from cursing Will Smith during his comedy show in Boston on Thursday night March 31.

‘F**k Will Smith!’ a fan shouted during the show, likely in an bid to show support for Chris Rock after Smith slapped him onstage during the Academy Awards last Sunday. 

‘No, no, no, no, no…’ the comedian replied, according to People, putting an end to the verbal attacks. 

 Chris Rock also refused to go into any detail about the slap at the Oscars telecast.

The night before the show, during his first public appearance since the Oscars slap, Rock was also met with ‘Will Smith’ chants from the audience; however he did nothing to quiet the hecklers.

 The comedian did however briefly address the slap during the show, noting that he still needs time to ‘process’ the assault.

Chris also told the crowd: ‘I haven’t talked to anyone, despite what you heard,’ referencing rumors that Rock and Smith had made amends.

Rock, 57, took to the stage at the Wilbur Theatre on Wednesday and asked: ‘How was your weekend?’ 

 The question drew a big laugh from the crowd with Rock warning those at the sold-out venue that the show would go on as planned despite Will Smith’s on-screen strike.

‘I don’t have like a bunch of s*** to say about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I had like a whole show I wrote before… this weekend…’ he said to more laughs. ‘And I’m still kind of processing what happened’.

‘So at some time I’ll talk about that s***… and it’ll be serious. It’ll be funny,’ he said before an audience member shouted, ‘F*** Will!’

 ‘I’m gonna tell some jokes,’ Rock concluded, later revealing that he hasn’t spoken to ‘anyone’ since the incident, alluding to reports that he and Smith have reconciled. 

However, some of the 3,000 fans in the audience – who paid up to $1,000 per ticket – are disappointed that the stand-up comedian avoided the topic on everyone’s mind.

 ‘We want our money back, I didn’t pay $400 to see nothing,’ one person told Fox News.

 You can recall that Will Smith marched onto the Oscars stage on Sunday and hit Chris Rock after the comedian told a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith in wake of her alopecia diagnosis.

‘Jada, I love you. “G.I. Jane 2,” can’t wait to see it,’ Rock said to Pinkett Smith, whose close-shaven head looked similar to Demi Moore’s in the 1997 movie, during his presentation of the award for best documentary. 

It is yet to be determined if Chris Rock was aware that Pinkett Smith suffered from a hair-loss condition is unknown, but Smith reacted with the smack and an angry warning ‘to keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth!’

Shortly after, Smith was announced as the winner of the best actor award and went up to collect his statuette to a standing ovation from many of his peers.  In his acceptance speech, Smith apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – whose members vote for the awards, and who stages the ceremony – but stopped short of apologizing to Rock

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