Cardi B Surprises Her Old Middle School, Donates $100,000

Rapper Cardi B has paid a surprise visit to her old middle school in The Bronx and has donated the sum of $100,000 to the school.

The Bronx-raised rapper visited the Alexander Macomb School in Morris Heights, by walking into an assembly before noon on Tuesday.

Video footage showed the rapper striding down the aisle with students screaming and applauding her arrival.

Cardi B addressed the students and revealed that she would be donating to support after-school activities like dance programs, music, tutoring, and more.

The rapper recounted her time at the school and how often she made ‘bad decisions’, including fighting another student.

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The ‘Bodak Yellow’ crooner revealed that her bad decisions were influenced by her desperation to go to another school that might nurture her talents as a performer.

She urged her students not to make the same mistakes and to welcome challenges rather than act out in the face of them.

Cardi B Surprises Her Old Middle School

“I didn’t get accepted to the school, and I was upset because some girls that I felt like were less talented than me got accepted to those schools, but the difference was that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing,” Cardi said. “It’s never too late for you guys.”

“As soon as I came to this school … I had to toughen up,” she added. “I got jumped a couple times, I did a couple of jumpings, I even got arrested for fighting in this school. And I just wanted to be like one of those girls, you know?”

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