Buju(BNXN) And Ruger Drag Each Other On Twitter

Singers Buju(BNXN) and Ruger have taken to the bird app to disrespect and downgrade each other’s musical prowess.

The singers went as far as body-shaming each other and leading their fans into an online battle.

The feud between the two began on Thursday 25th of August when Buju(BNXN) took a jab at Ruger after he released his sophomore EP titled ‘Bad Since 97’.

BNXN had shared a tweet that saw him celebrating his album reaching Number One spot on Nigeria’s Apple Music.

The tweet read, “What if I, What if I, What if I…Cook” which is likely a derivation of Ruger’s hit single ‘Girlfriend’.

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In response to the tweet, the ‘Dior’ singer came at his colleague, body shaming him and referring to him as ‘fatty bum bum’.

Buju BNXN and Ruger Drag Each Other

Both parties went back and forth with the berating on the bird app and this easily escalated into a battle between the singer’s fans.

This wouldn’t be the first time the two are engaging in an online battle. The ‘Snapchat’ singer had previously started an argument with BNXN after he claimed he was a better singer.

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