President Buhari Reveals He Is Not Leaving Inheritances For His Children

President Buhari has revealed that he is not leaving behind any inheritance for his children.

According to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, his children are already aware of his decision. He believes their net worth is judged by what they have in their heads to offer.

Buhari said this on Wednesday, 13th of July when he was at the Emir of Daura’s Palace in Daura, Katsina State, for the Sallah homage. The President advised parents to teach their children good values of continuous education, fear of God, and respect for authorities.

President Buhari also directed youths to acquire skills for themselves and be creative rather than depending on government jobs all the time.

President Buhari

His statement read thus:

“I was locked up for more than three years, after leading the country. At that point, I realised and I told my children that your net worth is what is in your head, not what you have acquired in life.

“My focus has always been on training the children to be relevant wherever they find themselves. I told my children, particularly the girls, that they can only get married after getting a first degree.

“They already know that I am not leaving anything for anyone to inherit. My greatest legacy to the children is to ensure they are properly educated,” 

Buhari also advised youths to be taught their history as “whoever does not have a good sense of history will easily make mistakes”.

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