Bobrisky Threatens To Jail Skit Maker Sabinus, Again

The Nigerian self-proclaimed transgender, Bobrisky has once again threatened to jail Skit Maker, Sabinus, for calling him a senior man.

Bobrisky had earlier in May threatened to arrest Sabinus after he greeted him on his Instagram page by calling him a “senior man”. Despite the warnings from the crossdresser, Sabinus has once again managed to address Bobrisky in the same manner for a second time.

The second confrontation occurred on Facebook after the crossdresser shared a video of an entrepreneur calling out the comedian over an advertisement deal via his Facebook page. According to Bobrisky’s claims, the entrepreneur, who was also his friend, had paid Sabinus millions for the advert. However, the delivered advert was not offering her money’s worth and was also generating the wrong traffic to her brand.

Bobrisky threatens Sabinus

The crossdresser had ordered Sabinus to take down the post.

“Mrfunny_ Take down my friends post on your page!!!!! You posted without her consent and the skit is sending a wrong narrative to the poor girls brand”

Sabinus responded to this saying, “Senior man calm down her story no clear”

The use of the word “senior man” had apparently angered Bobrisky who threatened to arrest Sabinus if he does not take down the post and refrain from addressing him as a man.

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