Bobrisky Slams Lord Casted Over Claims Of Contracting Disease From Tattoo

Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has slammed his fan, Lord Casted, over claims that he contracted a disease from drawing a tattoo of the crossdresser.

The crossdresser revealed that Lord Casted had HIV and did not contract it from drawing a tattoo.

A die-hard fan of Bob had drawn a tattoo of him on his arm in 2021. The young man who has since been identified as Lord Casted took to social media to share pictures of himself sporting the tattoo of the crossdresser.

In a recent video released in September 2022, Lord Casted was seen looking sickly as he cried out for help over his disease.

Lord Casted Bobrisky tattoo

According to the young man, he contracted an unknown disease from the machine used to draw the tattoo of Bob on his arm.

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Reacting to the viral video, Bobrisky slammed the fan in an Instagram post shared on his page. The crossdresser disclosed that Lord Casted had contracted HIV from his $exual partners and not from drawing a tattoo of him.

Bobrisky Slams Lord Casted Over tattoo

Bob warned Casted to stop spreading lies with his name and ask for help if needed. He also warned the young man to stay away from drugs and stop trying to emotionally blackmail people with his video.

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