Beyonce Finally joins TikTok, Gains Over 3 million Followers in 24 hours

Beyonce has finally hopped on the TikTok train and it has been quite explosive with her followers count shooting through the roof.

The 28-times Grammy-winning artist, although having quite a social media presence, is one of the last to join the short-video platform. Beyonce joined TikTok on Thursday 14th of July and has gained over 3 million followers in less than 24 hours.

It is no surprise that the American singer garnered so much as she already records a formidable social media presence with over 268 million followers on Instagram, 56 million on Facebook, nearly 25 million YouTube subscribers, and 15.5 million Twitter followers.

Beyonce joins TikTok

Beyonce’s first TikTok video is a compilation of creative content inspired by her songs. The song-diva thanked everyone for supporting her with her new single “Break My Soul” playing in the video.

Her caption read, “Seeing y’all release the wiggle made me so happy! Thank you so much for all the love for BREAK MY SOUL! – Love B.”

Break My Soul is a part of her 7th studio album “Renaissance” which is slated for release on July 29th.

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