BBNAIJA Sheggz Says He Wants To Marry Bella(Video)

BBNAIJA Sheggz got the online community talking after he disclosed that he would love to tie the knot with Bella.

The Professional footballer revealed this during a conversation with his love interest Bella where he admitted that she is his missing rib.

Sheggz and Bella became fond of each other a few days after moving into Biggie’s house. However, the latter insisted that he would have to work hard to win her heart.

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The footballer-reality star has been open about his feelings for Bella since the beginning of the show. His recent confession came to her as a surprise as the lady was left speechless.

BBNAIJA Sheggz And Bella

Sheggz had said, “You’re everything I ever wanted. Even when you’re on your period. Even if someone vexes you. Even when you’re fighting with Chomzy. Even when you do something I don’t like. I’ll always be there and you know why? Because you’re my everything.

“I want you to see this from another perspective. Babe, I really want to marry you. I really think you’re everything that’s missing”.

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