BBNAIJA Chomzy Reacts As Groovy Gets Intim@te With Phyna Under Duvet

More drama unfolds in the BBNAIJA ‘Level Up’ house as Chomzy confronts Groovy for allegedly giving Phyna head (oral s*x) under the duvet.

Recall that Groovy initially had an interest in Chomzy after his fallout with the disqualified housemate, Beauty. However, he couldn’t pursue his interest in Chomzy because she was in the Level 1 house.

Groovy became the most sought-after male in the Level 2 house after Beauty’s eviction and went ahead with a relationship with Phyna since they were in the same house.

When the levels were eliminated on Sunday and the houses were merged, Chomzy asked Groovy “what they were?”. She needed to know her place in his life.

BBNAIJA Chomzy Groovy Phyna

The former Level 1 housemate also asked him about the rumors that were going around in the house, the majority of which claimed Groovy and Phyna had been going down on it hot under the sheets.

The ladies’ man denied all the accusations and confronted Phyna for spreading fake news about them.

Phyna confronted Amaka who is her closest friend in the house and the only person she tells her personal stories.

Amaka however, denied the allegations of spreading the rumors in the house. Chomzy later revealed that she heard the rumor from Bella, who she said advised her to be careful about Groovy.

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