Apostle Suleman Reacts To Claims Of Being Responsible For Police D£ath

Apostle Suleman has reacted to the recent claims that he was responsible for the Edo attack on his convoy.

The accusations were made by a senior police officer, Sheyi Peters, who claimed the clergyman was ev!l and used the d£ad policemen for ritu@ls.

The convoy of Apostle Suleman was attacked by unknown gunmen on Friday 21st of October with seven persons confirmed dead, including three policemen.

Sheyi Peters took to Facebook on Saturday to accuse the clergyman of being responsible for the d£ath of his colleagues.

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Reacting to the post, the Apostle denied the accusations and disclosed that he has never met Peters before.

The clergyman took to Facebook to call out Sheyi Peters on his lies. He also disclosed that he had reported his accuser to the Inspector General of Police to come forward and prove his claims.

He wrote, “This Is An Acclaimed Police Officer Called Seyi Peter Alfred..He Made Posts On Facebook That Has Gone Viral..That He Used To Give Me Moblie Policemen And I Used Them For Rituals..I Have Never Met Him In Life Or Dream..He Said The Girl That Died Goes To Places For Me…

Apostle Suleman Reacts To Sheyi Peters

He Claimed That The Girl That Was Shot Was One Of Those We Do Havoc Together..That Girl Was Just 15yrs Old..If All You Are Saying Is True,May God Bless You But If Not May You Be Disgraced..I Don’t Reply People But This Is A Supposed Officer Of The Law Lying Like Satan..I Have Reported Him To The Inspector General And Appropriate Qtrs..He That Alleges Must Prove..I Think It’s Time I Start Speaking Out Because Silence Is Considered Consent..I Will Address Many Lies That Have Gone On For Years With Proofs And People Will Be Shocked.”

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