Aisha Yesufu Calls Out Married Women Who Attack Their Husbands Side-chicks

Nigerian Activist, Aisha Yesufu, has berated married women who go after their husband’s mistresses to embarrass them on social media.

According to the 48-year-old, women who do this and share videos of the attack online are as “despicable as their cheating husbands”.

Aisha’s comments come as a reaction to the viral video of Moesha, a social media influencer side-chic who was stripped bare by the wife of her partner.

In the viral video, Moesha was being attacked and stripped nak£d by Bunmi Alade-Adekunle, wife of celebrity designer, Seyi Vodi.

Aisha Yesufu speaks on Moesha attack

Reacting to the assault, Aisha shared a series of tweets reprimanding women who attack their husband’s mistresses. The activist also suggested that Moesha sues Bunmi and her friends for assaulting her.

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According to Aisha Yesufu, taking action against married women over such assault would serve as a lesson to the rest.

“You must be the lowest of lows to film a woman nak*d and share it with the public. You are as despicable and disgusting as your cheating husband if not worse!

Aisha Yesufu Calls Out Married Women Over Moesha Assault

I watched that video of Moesha and I was so angry at the Moesha! How do you allow yourself to be so humiliated without fighting back? Wetin dem go see wey dem never see? E pass br*ast and vag*na?

“I hope the Moesha lady sues the living daylight out of that woman, use her husband’s money to get SANs to defend her and she collects fat compensation from them.That friend wey follow am dey film go get accessory charge!The rubbish is becoming irritating!”

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